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Pilote Motorhomes

Pilote was founded with the ambition of helping everyone of its customer to realise their dream of freedom and allow them to travel the world in complete piece of mind. We paired with Pilote as we too share this vision – Just check out our testimonials!

Choose from a perfect Pilote motorhome range of 37 models with 2 to 3 levels of finish from the Pacific and Galaxy ranges. There are around 100 optional extra’s, 6 bench-seat colours and 7 different furnishing schemes. Since Pilote motorhomes are all season vehicles, they come with insulated fresh water tanks as standard!

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Pilote P696D interior.

Pilote vans were first produced in 2012, since then the Pilote brand has evolved year by year and now in 2023/24 Pilote offers 12 different layouts and 2 levels of finish.

In 2016 the entire Pilote Van Range were given improved insulation. That insulation structure is made of 20mm polyester fibre lined with aluminium foil and it goes without saying that all Pilote vehicles in the Van Range are fitted out to withstand all weather conditions.


Pilote V630FX


Pilote 600G


Evidence special edition range

Start with your best-selling motorhomes and refine them with the best equipment for carefree travelling comfort - you get the EVIDENCE Special Edition range. Carefully selected features and equipment for relaxing escapes include: 140+hp powerful engine, GRP polyester sides, automatic transmission,16” alloy wheels,

side-skirt locker draw, 100W solar panel, 8” car radio compatible with Apple Carplay & Android auto. Davan provide the full range of low-profile and integral interiors for 2, 4 or 5 berth vehicles, that deliver complete comfort and stress-free city escapes orjourneys far and wide

Pilote Evidence Special
Road in Lofoten archipelago in Arctic Norway. Sea landscape in Austvagoya island.

With the Pilote Pacific you can truly explore every part of Europe. The Pacific is suitable for any weather making it an all year round leisure vehicle.

Pilote Low Profile Pacific
Pilote Low Profile Pacific

Our Galaxy range is composed of 20 A-Class motorhomes, ranging from 5.99 metres to 7.87 metres. With a 15cm Service Double Floor or a 21cm Storage Double Floor, you can choose a technical solution offering more storage areas as well as better thermal comfort. All A-Class motorhomes above 7 metres in the Galaxy range are ALDE compatible.

Pilote Galaxy(1)
Pilote Galaxy

Premium Pilote Van Range finishes

All Pilote motorhome models are now available in a premium finish, most noteworthy are the premium finish features such as the silent kitchen draws, built-in LED spotlights, programmable digital control system, large hold with LED lighting, bright side bathroom, 3-in-1 convertible and further storage in the bedroom with a transverse cupboard. – Just ask when you speak to one of our professional motorhome dealers!

Pilote Van Range Finishes