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The new Swift Caravans 2024 family

Touring caravans have become an integral part of the new British staycation, creating the very sought-after protective, safe space for family holidays. The latest Swift caravans 2024 models reveal an amazing package of major developments that will impress seasoned enthusiasts and first-timers alike, combining the joys of travel with a real sense of home.

Swift Caravans are the UK's most popular tourer.

You can now discover your dream Swift touring caravan from a selection of models within four outstanding ranges. This includes the UK’s best-selling tourers, the Sprite & Sprite Grande, the fantastically equipped Challenger & Challenger Grande SE, and the fabulously luxurious Elegance Grande.

If you're a beginner to caravanning and concerned about towing, size or weight, why not check out one of the best caravans for beginners, the small and lightweight Basecamp range. They’re just so easy to tow and have a remarkable tardis-like feel to the interior with ample storage space.

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Sprite compact


Sprite Grande

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elegance Grande