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Weinsberg Caravans and Motorhomes

Learn more about our range of Weinsberg caravans and motorhomes.

Weinsberg Caravans.

Sister company of Knaus, Weinsberg paired with our dealership in 2017 and has been a massive success. We’re proud to be able to sell Weinsberg Caravans.


Weinsberg CaraOne UK

With your new CaraOne, you are perfectly equipped for your next camping adventure!

Davan Caravans Ltd became an appointed dealer for Weinsberg Caravans in 2017, located in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset and we couldn’t be happier!

Thanks to its rolling characteristics and excellent aerodynamics, the CaraOne holds the road perfectly and once you arrive at your destination, it’s full potential is revealed. 11 layouts ensure optimum room arrangements, while the comprehensive equipment turns camping in the CaraOne into a real pleasure.


Weinsberg CaraOne ICE edition.

It isn’t just the excellent price‐performance ratio, it’s the excellent insulation, exclusive underfloor heating, and exceptional ventilation system. May you remain dry and warm even in the most adverse conditions that the CaraOne ICE Edition provides.

Weinsberg CaraTwo.

Why book a hotel when you can tour with the CaraTwo?

The new CaraTwo is the perfect vehicle for you. Why? The answer is simple: Because it meets your demands like no other vehicle and, while doing so, sets cool standards for modern caravans. Style or rationality? Our CaraTwo can do both. That’s why is was named that way!

Weinsberg motorhomes.

One is more beautiful than the other: Weisnberg motorhomes are an amazing team that will fulfil your camping wishes at every level. The CaraCompact is a motorhome that is perfect for taking on quick tours. If you need a little extra room, you can select our highly flexible CaraLoft.

Knaus Motorhomes ktg-knaus-2017-2018-vanti-crosslink-haendlersuche

Weinsberg Caracompact

Compact on the outside, but with all space you need inside to satisfy your spirit of adventure. Thanks to its rugged chassis, it can even handle stony tracks with ease and the hail‐proof GRP roof is equipped to defy the elements.



Weinsberg Caraloft.

If you need plenty of space – but still want to explore the world. If you are planning long‐distance journeys – and want to travel in comfort. If you want to go camping – away from the crowds. Then you need the CaraLoft!